The Diary in Orion is a great way to manage the jobs for today, view the capacity including upcoming dates, insert new bookings/Jobs, and view the availability of courtesy cars, technician allocations, and job status.


The Diary can be opened by clicking on the Diary button from the Jobs window.

The Hours and Technician should be entered in each job to utilise the Booking Diary fully 

Capacity (A)

Capacity is the calculation of hours booked (1) vs. Hours available (2). It is displayed as a percentage bar (3) to represent the amount of capacity booked.

The Booked hours are taken from the Job Estimate hours and the Available hours are calculated from the technician available hours.

Time Available

The time available for each day is shown in hours and is calculated based on the technician's available hours and profile, example: 4 techs x 8 hours = 32 Total Available This Day. 

The number of available technicians and the total time allocated to Jobs (Est Hours) for the day are also displayed. This figure changes as jobs are added and removed (invoiced) from the Diary, 

You can compare the total time vs time available to see if all jobs are on track to be completed for the day.

When the Diary is displaying the current date the Total Available Hours will count down and recalculate. This calculation is based on the technician profiles (start and end times)


  1. As a technician is allocated to the job they are displayed in the Diary
  2. The Diary can be sorted by technician 
  3. A day sheet can be printed for each Tech
  4. The total number of techs available is displayed as well

Number of Jobs allocated

The number of Jobs is shown per hour of the day selected (1) and per day (2) as well.

Multi day Jobs

Multi-day jobs are jobs that span across multiple dates.

Open the Job and set in the job Start and End date you are able to change the daily estimates (click on the ellipses beside this field) 

Each day can have an estimated time allocated to make the Diary more accurate.

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