Courtesy cars are vehicles the workshop provides its customers upon request when booking in a job.

Generally, a customer requests a courtesy car when making a job booking, the person taking the booking will check courtesy car availability and link the vehicle to the job. When the customer arrives to drop off their vehicle, the staff member should then check the state of the courtesy car

This process is similar to renting a car.

See [Orion] Loan Car / Courtesy Car - Setup for information on how to set-up Loan/Courtesy cars

See [webWorkshop] Loan Cars for information on using Loan Cars in webWorkshop


Viewing Availability

There are several ways to view the courtesy car availability;

Loan Item listing (Setup) calendar

In the workshop department go to Maintenance > Loan Items then click on Calendar:


In the Diary

Available from the Work In Progress Listing

1. The Available CC column will show the number of vehicles available

2. The Loan Car Diary will show the listing of vehicles along with the dates bookd

Inside a Job

You must first tick "Loan Vehicle" in order to see this option

Linking a Loan Vehicle to a Job

Open the Job, Tick Loan Vehicle (1), Click on the Drop arrow (2) and select the vehicle (3).

Use the print icon to print the Loan Car form

Orion does NOT check availability

It IS possible to book a Loan Vehicle on multiple jobs

If a courtesy car is linked to multiple jobs for the same period the availability screen displays each job number after a trailing forward slash, as per the example below (Tues- 31/01).


There is a Loan Item Usage Report that can be used to track down what customer/Job had the vehicle on loan on particular dates. This is useful when an infringement notice arrives and you need to find out who to charge

The Loan Item Maintenance screen can also be used to view the history. This screen also displays the Job Start and End times, which could be used to narrow down the date and time a courtesy car was out.

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