It is strongly suggested that a stock take is completed on an ongoing and regular basis, at a minimum it should be completed prior to the year end rollover 

Complete a Parts file Clean up before starting a Stock take. 


1. Create the Stocktake

In the Parts department, go to Misc (1) > Stocktake (2) and click on Create Stocktake (3)

Note the different filters which can be used to subdivide the stocktake

These can be used to subdivide for rolling stocktakes or to give to different people to count if in different area's

You cannot have multiple stocketakes in the same parts department

You can re-set the stocktake and start another

Make Note of the filters used so you can re-create the stocktake

Stocktake limit - this will limit the number of items in the stocktake to the number entered here

More buttons are available after the stocktake is created: 

2. Print the sheets

Click on the button "Print Sheets"

1. Sort by: This should be the same sort order used when entering the count

2. Print on Hand: Personal choice - Can make it easier to "just enter what is there"

3. Large Spacing: Makes it easier to read and enter the counted numbers

3. Enter the Count

Double click on the first counted item or use the Change button.

1. Enter the count as per the sheets

2. You are able to tab to the Bin and change this if you want (not essential)

Press the enter key and the next item will come up

Enter the number and Enter etc

4. Print changes

This is the only time you will ever be able to see what has changed for this stocktake alone

Print the report, save it as a pdf, file it

You are able to print a Stock Adjustment report - and this will print all adjustments for a specified date range

5. Update Stock

The stocktake will not be updated unless all parts are counted


There are a couple of warnings just to make sure you really want to update the Stock - Click Yes to update the stock:


Not all parts are counted!

If not all parts are counted then you will not be able to update the stock

Sort by Counted and the un-counted items will be at the bottom of the list:

A - Export/Import

You may have noticed that there is an Export/Import button there as well.

This can be used to Export the stocktake to be loaded onto a stocktake scanner, the stocktake can be completed on the scanner and the count is then imported back into Orion

As at March 2023 we are using the CipherLab8000 which will use the following formats:


Partnumber, On Hand, Barcode, Description, Bin Location, Last Cost, Retail price

0000 000 1005,11.00,2010328992037,STIHL Part,,18.00,20.00

Barcode, Keycode, Count