Are you considering switching from Elite to SAM-X?  There are definitely some advantages (e.g. you can access it online), but we also want to be upfront about some of the things that you might not enjoy as much...

It's slightly slower

Like everything online, we're only as fast as your internet allows.  However, even with a fast internet connection, there could be a small lag between you clicking a button and that action being completed. 

Learn a new way to manage accounting

Unless you're already an experienced Xero user, you will need to get used to a new way to manage the debtors ledger, creditors ledger, general ledger, banking/cashbook and the financial reporting through Xero. We can help with the setup from the SAM-X side, but obviously Xero questions need to be answered by Xero...

Nevertheless, we have prepared a lot of resources for your Xero-related issues - a good starting place is the FAQ.

There is a changeover process

We know that you've got a business to run and you just want to get the system changed, but to ensure that you can have a good experience with the new system, we do need to have to run a changeover process (roughly as follows):

  • You would be sent through the required paperwork - an agreement to sign, along with some Xero & user info
  • Plan a Go Live date - we want to find a suitable time for you (and us)
  • Move SAM onto our hosted environment - SAM is now online and the old local SAM switched to Read Only
  • Remote training on how SAM X differs from your current SAM system (at least an hour)

You will need to spend some time to prepare:

At the very least, you'll need to print out the following reports before changeover:

  • Debtors Aged Trail Balance – used to enter opening balances into your Xero system by your accountant

  • Creditors Aged Trial Balance - used to enter opening balances into your Xero system by your accountant
  • Outstanding invoices listing – At the point of changeover, all balances will be cleared off the SAM system, the debtors who are currently owing you money will need to be managed manually outside of SAM by you for this transition period. Any invoices after the changeover will transfer from SAM to Xero as per normal.
  • GST report
  • All financial reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance) – entered in your Xero by your accountant.
  • We can provide you a copy of your SAM Elite for reference to your Debtors History