"I want an alert to pop up in Orion when I'm dealing with a specific customer".

Orion can do this in various ways:

  1. Force Order - Will prompt a user to enter a Order number, whenever a new job is created for the customer. 
  2. Notes - Will pop up with notes as soon as the new job is for the customer.

Method 1: Force Order

When your customer requires an order number or some unique ID (e.g., a claim number for the insurance company) to appear on their invoice, Force Order is the feature for you!  

  • This feature will force an order number entry when a new job is created for a customer. 
  • This feature has to be enabled per customer. 

To enable this for a customer, go to Maintenance > Customers > Open Customer > Change > Account Information

Then enable the tick on force order (see below).

When a new job is created under this customer, it will prompt for an Order number as soon as anything is clicked on the job and the job cannot be invoiced if an order number is not entered (see below).

Method 2: Notes

A less forceful approach would be to use internal notes - for example "This customer is the owner's cousin!!!"

This feature is especially useful if there was something that was found on a previous service, and you'd like to use this as a reminder (or for some customer-specific patterns - e.g., this customer uses RuralCo card).

To set this up, go to Maintenance > Customers > Open Customer > Change >Notes 

Just select the option "show notes when new job is created".

When a new job is created for the customer, the notes will pop up prior to any activity. 

Example: RuralCo

If you want to remind your staff to add your customer's RuralCo barcode, you can add a note stating that the customer needs a Ruralco ID, and even set instructions for what to do like below: 

So that your staff will see "Notes" in red (see below), and be reminded of how they can add this.