The Ecommerce add-on is used to sell parts online, as at June 2023 we integrate to the following platforms:

  •  Shopify


  • Orion add-on # 138 is activated
    • See your account manager for more information and cost's
  • ShopID # and Locationfrom one of of the following platforms



Go to the Parts department (1) > Maintenance (2) > Ecommerce (3) > Setup (4)

Connection Tab

Stock and Order Configuration are not available until you click on Connect

1. Select the correct Shop

2. Click on "Connect API" to have the API Key populate

3. Enter the Shop ID (see below)

A. Click on Connect

Shopify Shop ID

The shop ID for Shopify can be found in the URL:

A - Connect:

A browser will open - click on Login (1), this will direct you to the normal Shopify log-in page, then Install unlisted App (2), and Approve (3)

After this there will be a confirmation page showing you have connected:

Stock Configuration Tab

This tab is used to setup/configure how to Export (upload) parts to the platform.

1.Parts Department:This will default to the first department as entered in the system setup in accounts
2.Get Location:This will display a list of available Location names and ID's loaded in the platform - i.e. Shopify
2.i. Location Name & ID:As entered in the platform - use Get Location to supply them
3.Send Stock:Live: On-Hand figure changes made in Orion will automatically be sent to the platform.
Manual: Stock only gets updated when 
4.Data:Orion Stock is Master (all data)
All data is sent to the platform - See Limited selected Orion data for full list.
Limited selected Orion data
You can select which data is sent to the platform 

Order Configuration Tab

This tab is used to setup/configure to Import (download) sales into Orion.


1.Import Orders:Yes: Sold parts will be downloaded from the platform into Orion
No: If selected, then all sold parts muct be entered manually into Orion
2.Invoice Status:Set-up in Orion.
In Parts, go to maintenance > System Setup > Invoicing Options & click on "POS Invoice Status Maintenance"
It is suggested that a specific status for Shopify is created 
3.CustomersMatch with Orion Customer:
On import an option will be available to match to an existing Orion customer orcreate a new one
Use a Single Customer:
All Imports will use a single customer in Orion
i.e. "Platform sales"
4.Freight Part:Select the part that will be used for any Freight sales, either create one specific for the platform sales or use an existing one

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