Here we will go through how to download any sold parts back to Orion and create a Parts Invoice



In Orion

Order Configuration is completed - see [Orion] Addon # 138 Ecommerce Setup for more information

In Shopify:

A Payment Method is set-up:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payments.
  2. In the Supported payment methods section, click Add payment methods.
  3. Search and select by payment methods or by provider.
  4. Choose a provider from the search results, and then click Activate.
  5. Enter your account credentials for the provider you chose.
  6. Click Activate to enable the provider.

Click HERE for information on how to do this.

We do not support Shopify functionality - Please contact Shopify for any help to do this.

Tax and Collection must be set to New Zealand

Import Sales from Shopify to Orion

In Orion go to the Parts department, Invoicing (1) > Ecommerce (2)

Which will show a list of all sales since the last import.

1. Double click on the invoice


2.i. Select an existing customer OR

2.ii. Create a new customer (the customer information from Ecommerce will copy to Orion

If the customer exists in SAM then it will need to be selected.
You will not be able to proceed without selecting or creating a customer 

3. Approve Request OR

4. Reject Request

Approve Request:

Confirm you want to proceed and then a notice with the invoice # will be shown, after which the invoice will come up:

Things to note:

1. Freight is charged base on the settings in Shopify

2. The status is set based on the settings in Orion.

Park or Invoice as required.

Reject Request:

A message asking to confirm rejection will come up:

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