⚠️Go to https://orion.sam.co.nz/mobile to open the Mobile Web App!

The Technician Web App is optimised for use on mobile devices/smartphones and provides a simple interface for technicians to:


Logging In

You can access the Technician Mobile app on your mobile device by going to:


You can log in with your usual webWorkshop login credentials, however your User account must be linked to a technician in Orion setup, for more details see: [webWorkshop] User Logins - Setup

Add the Technician Web App to your Mobile Home Screen

To simplify logging into to the app - on most mobile devices, you can save a website address as an icon on the home screen. To do this on Apple devices see here or for Android see here!

The Dashboard

When you log in the first screen you see is the Dashboard, this will display all jobs currently allocated to the technician profile associated with your login details, the screenshot below highlights key controls on this screen:

While the Job List will only display jobs allocated to you scheduled for today, the Search field will allow you to search by rego, customer or job number for any jobs allocated to you today or in the future.

2: Job List

This list shows all jobs allocated to you for today. You can click on each job's tile to open the Job Screen (mobile)

3. Home

Clicking this will take you back to the main Dashboard, from any other screen in the app.

4. Clock On/Off Non-Jobs

This icon allows you to clock on or off a 'Non Job'. Such as Cleaning/Lunch etc.

Read more here: Timeclocking - On a Mobile Device

5. User Menu

Click here to log out or display the full name of the account currently logged in.

Job Screen

On this screen you can see the details of the selected job.

1: X - Click to Close the Job Screen

2: Status Dropdown

    To change the current Job Status

3: Vehicle Details

    Click the Pencil icon to edit vehicle details as below:

4: Job Section Clock On/Off

Each Job Section has a Clock icon you can click to clock on/off that section. Clocking on happens immediately if you're not already clocked in. When you are "clocked on' the icon displays green.

    Read more here: [webWorkshop] Timeclocking using the Technician Web App (Mobile)

    and more on Job Sections here: [webWorkshop] Job Sections

5: Add Photos

Add photos to jobs sections - see here for more: [webWorkshop] Adding Images to Jobs using the Technician Web App

6: Recommendations

Add recommended work to jobs - read the full KB here: [webWorkshop] Adding Recommendations from a Mobile Device