Adding Recommendations Using the Mobile / Technician Web App

These instructions assume you are familiar with the Technician Web App, if you need to brush up on the web app see this KB: [webWorkshop] Go Mobile with the Technician Mobile App

⚠️Go to to open the Mobile Web App!

To add a recommendation, open the job and click the Add Recommendations button:

This will display the screen below, where you can input the details of your recommendation:

Add a Job Description (1) - Use the dropdown button to select a Job Description from the list, or type in a custom description for the work you are recommending

In the Recommendation Notes field (2), you can detail the work required or what issue has been identified

?HOT TIP - Don't Most mobile devices show a microphone icon on the keyboard, save time typing by clicking into the notes field and talk, letting your phones voice-to-text feature do the typing for you!

Add Images (not mandatory):

  • Click the Add Images button (3)
  • If your device supports it, you may get the choice to either click the Camera icon to take a photo of the issue directly or click the Folder/Files icon to browse your device for a photo you have already taken

Important Info on Images in webWorkshop - Images will consume your hosted storage space, and over time may require you to upgrade your storage plan. For more easily accessed backup of images, we recommend you take photos first and use the Folder icon to add existing photos to the Recommendation. This will leave the images on your device and able to be included in the your device's own backup processes. Another benefit of this approach is that any images stored in webOrion may be compressed and resized automatically, but your device would retain original uncompressed images.

  • Once you have taken the Photo or selected the desired image, it will be uploaded to the Recommendation and will display per the example below: 

When you have finished adding images, click Save and Exit and you will be returned to the Job screen where your recommendations will be displayed:

You can add as many recommendations as you wish, and when you're ready to send these through to your front-office staff you can click Send Notification and the recommendations will appear as a Notification in the main webSAM program for them to action.

We recommend clicking Send Notification after you have finished inpecting the vehicle. You can add Recommendations and click Send Notification multiple times, but if admin have already created the Estimate, additional recommendations cannot be converted to an Estimate and will need to be added manually.