The Recommendations feature in webSAM is a great way to ensure that customers are informed of any potential repairs needed for their vehicle. 

This process cannot be done using the Technician Web App for mobile devices, it must be done in the main webWorkshop System.

Notifications of Recommendations from the Mobile App

If recommendations have been submitted from the Technician Web App a notification will be added to the Notifications in webSAM (top-right of screen):

The notification can be clicked directly to open the related job where you can view the recommendation:

To read more on creating Recommendations on a mobile device using the Technician Web App please see: 

[webWorkshop] Adding Recommendations from a Mobile Device

In the Job Maintenance screen click the Recommendations icon:

This will display all of the Recommendations:

Clicking the Create Estimate button will convert all of the Recommendations that have a tick in the Create Estimate tickbox into a new estimate.

Converting the Recommendations into an Estimate is a one-time-only process so it is best to wait until the tech is finished with the vehicle, as any additional recommendations they submit from the web app will have to be manually added to Estimates.

Once the Create Estimate button has been clicked, the Maintain Estimate screen will be displayed. You can then follow the usual process for maintaining estimates.