Converting Approved work to a Job

When a customer authorises the estimate, you will receive an email similar to the following example, showing which work they have approved/declined:

In the Estimate List you can identify Authorised estimates by the green tick icon:

You can also find notifications of Approved estimates by clicking the Notification icon in the top right corner of webSAM to display the notification list:

To convert the approved work to a job, open the estimate from the Estimate list and you will find a new Create Job icon at the bottom of the estimate, hover the mouse cursor over this icon to see the two options:

You can choose to convert the approved estimate work to a new job or convert it into an existing job.

If choosing Convert to Existing Job you will first be shown a list of current jobs to select from. Once selected you will proceed to the Authorise Estimate screen shown below.

If you select Convert to New Job you will see the following screen showing the approved work:

Clicking the Modify button will allow you to make changes to the approval, for example, if your customer calls to advise they do also now wish to proceed with the optional work they may have previously declined, you can change the approved/declined status for the extra work after clicking Modify.

When you're ready to proceed, click Create Job and you will be taken to a Job Work in Progress screen with all the customer and job details carried forward from the estimate.