When you send an estimate to your customer, they are able to follow on online approval process to authorise the work to be completed. Here we walk you through your customer's experience during this process:


Messages Sent

SMS Example

Email example:

This shows the PDF attachment of the Estimate, and a link (within the "Please click here" text).

When your customer clicks the link they will be presented with a Service Authorisation webpage where they can select the work they want to proceed with and authorise the job to proceed. 

Customer Approval Portal (Service Authorisation webpage)

Mobile Example

PC Example

  1.  The customer can tick the box beside each piece of work they're happy to proceed with
  2. Any images added to the Estimate (either directly or via a Recommendation) will display in each section respectively
  3. If you have applied the setting to enforce acceptance of terms, this tickbox will be displayed. If left unticked, your customer cannot proceed with authorising the work
  4. The customer is provided with a hyperlink to view the terms of trade you have defined within the setup
  5. After clicking the Authorise Selected Services button, a final summary authorisation screen will appear, example:

Confirmation Screen

After clicking Authorise the customer will be shown a confirmation webpage, e.g.:

Important Note: Once your customer has approved an estimate, they can only view a read-only copy of the estimate in the customer approval portal. They can make no further changes, so if they need to amend their choices, they should use the Contact Us button to contact you, so you can manually edit the estimate approvals.

Expired Estimates

If your customer tries to open the Customer Approval screen for an expired estimate, they will instead see the following webpage and be unable to approve the estimate: