The Recommendations feature is a great way to ensure that customers are informed of any potential repairs needed for their vehicle. 

This feature enables mechanics to record recommended repairs and notify the front office staff, who can easily convert the recommendation to an Estimate (quote) for the customer. 

Photos can be taken to support the recommendations that will be displayed on the digital estimate sent to the customer.  

The recommendations feature can be used within the Technician Web App, optimised for mobile devices, or within webWorkshop on your computer or tablet.

To use Recommendations, you'll need to know how to use estimates and jobs in webWorkshop, to read more on this, see:

But if you're good to go, use the Links below to jump to the appropriate instructions:

Adding Recommendations in webWorkshop

On the Job Maintenance screen, click the Recommendations icon shown below:

This will open the Recommendations menu:

Click New Recommendation to start creating the recommendation:

Add a Description by typing into the field directly or click the dropdown to select from existing Job Descriptions.

You can detail the recommended work in the Notes field.

The tickbox to Transfer to Estimate is to specify that this recommendation will be included if recommendations for the current job are converted into Estimates. For more see: [webWorkshop] Convert a Recommendation to an Estimate

Click Upload to add an image, this will show the following prompt where you can either drag and drop an image to upload it or click the option to Select the photos to import which will allow you to browse your computer and select the required image.

Important Info on Images in webWorkshop - Images will consume your hosted storage space, and over time may require you to upgrade your storage plan. For more easily accessed backup of images, we recommend you take photos first and use the Folder icon to add existing photos to the Recommendation. This will leave the images on your device and able to be included in the your device's own backup processes. Another benefit of this approach is that any images stored in webWorkshop may be compressed and resized automatically, but your device would retain original uncompressed images.

Click Save on the New Recommendation screen when you've finished adding images and you will see the recommendation listed on the Recommendations menu:

You can add more Recommendations if you require any time until you use the option to Create Estimate, explained here:

[webWorkshop] Convert a Recommendation to an Estimate