Group jobs into separate pieces of work using Job Sections...

Job sections, available on Jobs and Estimates, can be used to group job postings together and subtotal them.

They can be used when a job has multiple tasks/sub-jobs required, for example, a Service and Brakes:

Add a new Section

To add a section click the + icon and select the Section option

Select or type a description (Job Description) and Save

The section will be added to the job. 

There is no limit to the number of sections that can be added to a job.

When Job Templates are added to a job they automatically create a new section, read more about using Job Templates here!

Add Text, Labour, Parts, Orders & Images to a Section

Use the + icon in each section to add job postings and images:

The presence of the Camera icon in a Job Section indicates there is already an image attached:

When adding order or time-clocking postings to a job there will be an option to select the section required.

Move Sections, Change Section Description, View Section Margins

The up/down icon can be used to; Move sections, Change section details, and view section margins.

Delete Sections

A section can be deleted by clicking on the heading of the job section, which will open the Job Section screen, where you can click the delete button. Any postings in the section will be automatically added to the main section (job description).