These instructions assume you are familiar with the Technician Web App, if not - read this first: [webWorkshop] Go Mobile with the Technician Mobile App

⚠️Go to to open the Mobile Web App!



NB: Images uploaded using the technician web app will consume your hosting storage, if you use images intensively you may need to upgrade your storage plan. Images uploaded to the technician web app are automatically compressed and resized.

If you want to retain quality backups of your images, we recommend taking photos on your device first and using the Folder icon to add them to webSAM. This allows the images to remain on your device, which can be included in your device's backup processes.

Open a Job

On the Home Screen you are able to search for jobs (1) and a list of today's jobs that have been allocated to you will be shown (2).

Add the Image

We can add Images anywhere we see the camera icon (in a Job Section) or an edit button for an existing recommendation

Click on THIS LINK for more on recommendations
A list of Images already added (1) will be shown along with the button "Add Images" (2) - use this button...

Your mobile device will now open a list of recent Images which you can select.

NB: The process of selecting images varies on most devices, so we can't specifically show screenshots for all devices... but we have tested on most devices and confirmed that it's always a fairly intuitive process. You may need to enable access to the Camera for the Chrome app, click here for Google's instructions.

Save and Exit

Select an image, then Save and Exit