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This article is for the Technician Web App optimised for mobile devices/smartphones - you can find the full guide here:[webWorkshop] Go Mobile with the Technician Mobile App



When you're currently clocked into something in the Technician Web App, it will display at the top of the screen:

Clocking On/Off Jobs:

When logged into the Technician Web App, open the job you're working on from the Dashboard to display the job screen:

Each Job Section has a Clock icon you can click to clock on/off that section. Clocking on happens immediately if you're not already clocked in. When you are "clocked on' the icon displays green.

Clicking the Green Clock icon will clock you off the current job and display the screen below to log your time:

Select the appropriate Labour Category from the dropdown and click Clock Out. Or you can click the X to cancel and return to the Job Screen.

Clocking On/Off Non-Jobs

Use the Clock icon on the bottom right of the Dashboard to clock onto a Non-Job:

Use the dropdown to select which Non-Job you wish to clock into then click Clock In

The clock icon in the bottom right will display Green when you're clocked in.

To Clock Out click the green clock icon at the bottom right and click the Clock Out button.