This add-on allows internal assembly jobs to be invoiced to an internal customer and the assembled item to be sold as Parts. All Costs are recorded and when “Assembled”, costs are divided equally amongst the quantity of assembled parts.

A good example would be for a workshop that assembles and sells engines or steering boxes or gearboxes, etc.

The thinking would be to buy in 4 crankshafts (assuming we are building four engines to sell). 16 pistons, 4 full gasket sets, etc.

All these parts can be reflected on the assembly job via “Parts” or “PO’s” and the Labour to be included in the cost's as well

Once all items are charged to the assembly job, the job can be costed and reflected in the relevant accounts.

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For information on using Assemblies: AddOn #3 - Assemblies - Using



There are several things that need to be set-up before starting


A customer is required to charge the Assembly jobs to 

The customer must have the following settings:

1. Price Level = Cost
2. Default Labour Category = Internal
3. Account Type = Internal
4. GST Rate = Exempt

System Setup

Assembly Account

Go to Maintenance (1) > System Setup (2) > Job (3)

Enter the Customer setup (above) in "Assembly Account" (4)

Stock Analysis group

While not essential this will allow you to track and report on all Assembly parts sold more easily

Go to Maintenance > System Setup > Stock Analysis Groups


Click on Insert and enter any multipyers as required


Go to Maintenance > Suppliers and click on Insert

1. This is a Supplier analysis group and can be used if wanted

2. Tick Internal


A part is required in order for it to be "built"

Make sure you are creating the part in the correct receiving department/module.

In the Workshop

Go to Maintenance > Stock

And Insert a new part.

1. Select the Internal Assembly supplier

2. Select the Assembly stock Analysis Group (if created)

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