This add-on allows internal assembly jobs to be invoiced to an internal customer and the assembled item to be sold as Parts. All Costs are recorded and when “Assembled”, costs are divided equally amongst the quantity of assembled parts.

A good example would be for a workshop that assembles and sells engines or steering boxes or gearboxes, etc.

The thinking would be to buy in 4 crankshafts (assuming we are building four engines to sell). 16 pistons, 4 full gasket sets, etc.

All these parts can be reflected on the assembly job via “Parts” or “PO’s” and the Labour to be included in the cost's as well

Once all items are charged to the assembly job, the job can be costed and reflected in the relevant accounts.

Some familiarity with Orion is assumed with this article Please contact Orion if any further training is required 

For information on how to set-up Assemblies: AddOn #3 - Assemblies - Setup


Create a Job

It all starts with a Job in the Workshop 

Open the Work In Progress (WIP) listing (Click on Jobs) and selecton Assemblies (1):

The list displayed is essentially the same as your normal WIP but will only display any assembly Jobs

Details of the Job

Here we will go through the differences to a normal Job:

The Information about the customer is cut down to the Name only - hopefully you know who to contact for an internal account...

1. Select the Department you are building the part for

2. Select the Part you are building

3. Enter how many parts you are building

4. Once all parts text and labour has been entered - click on Build


Multiple parts

If building more than one part there will be the following warning after clicking on BUILD:

There will be one more warning after this confirming the build date.

All charges on the job will be taken into consideration in the cost's of the part

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