The Head/Sub Accounts AddOn is used when invoices are created for multiple individual accounts but the invoices are paid to (in the case of creditors) or by (in the case of debtors) a single head account. It is most commonly used for Capricorn but can also be used for other accounts as well and applies to both debtors and creditors

For details on how to use this - see: [Orion] AddOn # 7 - Head Sub accounts - Using


Head Account Setup

Make sure the head account is set-up first - either Debtor or Creditor

In Accounts, Go to Maintenance > Header Accounts and choose either Debtors or Creditors

The initial window is the same, here you can either Insert (1), Change (2) or Delete (3) it as a header

NB: Delete does not delete the account - it only deletes it from the header listing.

Creditors (Supplier)

1. Enter the unique Identifyer

2. Choose a name for the account

3. Search for an existing Creditors account - use the Ellipses (box with three dots) to search. 

Debtors (Customer)

Debtors is identical to Creditors with the addition of 

4. Tick igf the account is Capricorn

5. Add an account number 

Sub Account Setup

Once the Head account is set-up you will need to add the head account to the the Sub Account

This can be done in any module


Creditors (Supplier)

Open/edit the Suppliers account details (Maintenance > Suppliers, double click on the account)

Use the drop down in the field "Accounts To" (1) and choose the correct head account:

Debtors (Customer)

Open/edit the Customers account details (Maintenance > Customers, double click on the account)

Click on Account Information (1) & use the drop down in the field "Accounts To" (2) and choose the correct head account:

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