The Head/Sub Accounts AddOn is used when invoices are created for multiple individual accounts but the invoices are paid to (in the case of creditors) or by (in the case of debtors) a single head account. It is most commonly used for Capricorn but can also be used for other accounts as well and applies to both debtors and creditors

For setup information - please see [Orion] AddOn # 7 - Head Sub accounts - Setup



In your account module, Go to Misc > Header account transfers.

Choose either Debtors or Creditors - the window and process is the same for both.

1. Choose the Header account

2. Choose the Date Range

A: This will change to the Age if "Use Aging" is selected

3. Highlight to select the invoices you want to transfer

4. You can Tag/Untag invoices to transfer using these buttons

5. Once you are happy with the invoices being transferred use this button

B: Make sure the amount is correct before you transfer 

Transfers cannot be undone - you will need to transfer the invoices back individually

!!! Be Very sure before using the transfer button !!!


Sub Account:

1. The transfer to the Head account

2. The original invoice

Note that the balance for both transactions is zero, the match details will show that they have been matched to each other as well.

Head Account:

Note the following:

  • The Department & Invoice # Comes across.
  • Transaction date is the date of the transfer.
  • The comment changes to show which Sub account it comes from.

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