What's New in webWorkshop 2.0

Release Date: 24th January, 2024.

This update is as much about what is soon to be released as it is about what we are releasing... by this we mean this update prepares for the release of Smartcheck eWOF electronic WOF checksheets.

The development of eWOF for webSAM and webworkshop is near complete, it is just temporarily hidden while we finish off user acceptance testing with our pilot sites. So stay tuned for full eWOF availability in the very near future!

That said, there's certainly more to be excited for in this release, including:

  • Tech Web App - Job Text: You can now add Job Text in the Technician Mobile Web App
  • Loan Car Functionality: You can now link loan cars to bookings in webWorkshop, and this will synchronise with Orion


Hero Features

Loan Cars

You can now link Loan Cars to Jobs/Bookings in webWorkshop, <<Read the KB Here!!>>

eWOF Electronic WOF Checksheets

As above, this feature is currently hidden from view, while we conduct User Testing, however in the meantime if you want to get a feel for what this offers, we have released it for our SAM Desktop program and have information here on how it can save costs on paper checksheets, improve your customer experience, record keeping and efficiency of NZTA audits: www.auxosoftware.com/smartcheck



ModuleIssue KeyDetail
Customer/SupplierWEB-1260Resolved an issue where the system would hang due to slowness when searching for a customer within the Quick Search bar. Instead of auto populating, the user must now press the Tab or Enter key after entering a customer's name to populate results
DiaryWEB-1219Diary Day Scheduler - with timeline will now display the full day when viewed on large screens/TVs, giving you better oversight, management and planning. Use the zoom feature of your browser (Chrome) to zoom out and see the full diary view.
DiaryWEB-1241Altered the size of column cells within Weekly Diary view to improve the display of bookings
Estimates, Jobs, OrdersWEB-1240Resolved an issue where  navigating back to the previous listing a user was viewing would incorrectly go back to page 1 instead of retaining the current page number
JobsWEB-1109Modified the Technician List to only show technicians available for the selected department
JobsWEB-1111Resolved an issue where all e-mail addresses would not display correctly when trying to e-mail a form to multiple recipients
JobsWEB-1256Resolved an issue where the technician list would load all technicians incorrectly when first creating a job or when adding labour to a job without first changing the current department
JobsWEB-769You can now select an Order Number for Jobs for the Sales Department in web, similar to desktop
Jobs, OrdersWEB-567You can now edit an ordered part's Description field after receiving the order
LabourWEB-1134You can now reprice labour on Job Kits that are posted in webWorkshop
OrdersWEB-1178You can now finalise and un-finalise completed purchase orders
OrdersWEB-1179You can now add expense lines via the Expense Order option under order postings
OrdersWEB-1180You can now create Creditors Invoices for a returned item on Outwork or Procured Order
OrdersWEB-1193Resolved an issue where loading orders would take a long time
OrdersWEB-1233We have changed the Search when adding parts to Jobs or Orders to now require the Enter key to be pressed or the Magnifying glass icon to be clicked to initiate the search, it will no longer automatically search as this was causing slowness.
PartsWEB-1107When a User does not have Security access to Parts Module OR Allow Posting of Parts Directly Onto Workshop Jobs, they can no longer add parts to a workshop jobs via WebWorkshop
PartsWEB-768You can now add Parts to Jobs by scanning their barcodes. The barcodes for parts must be added through desktop Orion first
ReportsWEB-1157Added the ability to filter the Sales Report by Customer Analysis Group. Also added customer analysis group column to the exported excel only, not the PDF.
SetupWEB-1158A warning now displays when the character limit has been reached within Recommendation notes
SetupWEB-1176Increased character limit for Recommendations from 255 to 5000
Technician Web AppWEB-1025You can now add library text to jobs via the Technician Mobile App. <<Read the KB Here!!>>
Technician Web AppWEB-1160Resolved an issue where Vehicle details were difficult to read on the Technician Mobile Web app
DiaryWEB-1076Loan Car functionality added to set up loan cars and link them to bookings <<Read the KB here>>

Bug Fixes


ModuleIssue KeyDetail
DiaryWEB-1159Resolved an issue in the diary where multi-day jobs would not assign a new technician correctly if the overall job was already assigned to technician.
DiaryWEB-1195Resolved an issue where when adding a note in diary to one day and changing the day, the note would be copied over to other days
DiaryWEB-1203Resolved an issue where the buttons to toggle between dates were not visible in diary view
EstimatesWEB-1177Resolved an issue where when pressing Enter when adding parts to Estimates, it would not calculate the total charge correctly
EstimatesWEB-1294Some users reported slowness using the Estimate listing. We found this was being caused by a process calculating the Status of all orders, so have added an option to Hide Status Icon on this listing. <<Read the KB Here!>>
Items/vehiclesWEB-1184Resolved an issue where when adding a custom Model in setup, it would not show up in the list
Jobs, OrdersWEB-1185Resolved an issue where deleting a part order from a job would not correctly calculate the On Order qty in Stock Maintenance
Jobs, OrdersWEB-1206Disabled the magnifier option after a part is received, preventing users from changing a received part order and potentially creating a stock mismatch
Jobs, Orders, StockWEB-1167Resolved an issue where the On-hand quantity of Parts would incorrectly double up when being added to a job