Loan Car functionality is available within webWorkshop to allocate courtesy cars to jobs and view the Loan Car Availability calendar. This works in sych with the loan car functionality in Orion, to read more about Loan Car functionality in Orion, see: [ORION] Courtesy Cars / Loan Cars - Using


Loan Car Setup

Setup of Loan Cars is done in Orion, see here: [Orion] Loan Car / Courtesy Car - Setup

Checking Loan Car Availability

We have provided a new Loan Car Diary, you access this by clicking the Loan Car Diary icon within a job:

or clicking the Loan Car Diary icon within the Workshop Diary:

The Loan Car Diary displays as below, listing all Loan Cars and their availability in the current week:

You can use the left and right arrow icons to navigate to different date ranges or enter a specific start date of the week you wish to check.

Booking Out a Loan Car

Using a Loan Car is easy, simply use the Loan Car dropdown menu when creating a booking/job to select the appropriate Loan Car:

For more information on using Loan Cars in Orion see [ORION] Courtesy Cars / Loan Cars - Using

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