This article will go through the process of using a third party app called Stocktake App for Orion and SAM.


Our company does not take responsibility for the accuracy or future compatibility of the third-party application. We recommend that you contact the application developer for any issues related to compatibility or accuracy.

In Orion export the stocktake as per the normal procedures: [Orion] Stock Take process

This process assumes a basic proficiency in:


!!!  All parts must have a barcode - this is essential  !!!

It is suggested that labels are printed on the shelves for easy scanning

If there are no barcodes then copy the part number into the barcode field and print a label for the parts.

Have a Stock export with Keycode and barcode ready

When doing this please ensure the barcode is at the first column - column A

Some knowledge of Excel and how to transfer files to and from Google Drive


Export the stocktake from Orion

Make sure there is a txt file called Export on your local PC in C:\Stocktake\

Explore to the Export file created above

Leave "Program to Run After Export" blank

Import the stocktake into Excel

  • Open Microsoft Excel.
  • Click on the Data tab.
  • In the Get & Transform Data group, click on the From Text/CSV button.
  • In the Import Data dialog box, locate and double-click the text file that you want to import.
  • Click on Transform Data
  • Column 3 must be text - select this column
    • In the Transform Tab (1), change the data type (2) to Text (3)
    • Select Replace current
  • Go back to the Home tab and select Close and Load
  • That’s it! You have successfully imported a text file into Excel. If you have any issues with compatibility or accuracy of the data, please contact the application developer for assistance.

Edit the Excel Sheet

  • Cut column B and insert it before Column E
  • Insert a column before column C
  • Highlight and copy the following formula into cell C2:
    =D2&" - "&E2&" - "&F2&" - "&G2&" - "&H2
  • Convert the table to a range
    • in the Table Designs tab
  • Copy Column C and paste it in Column C (yes the same column) as Values
    • This will change the cell contents from a formula to the result or value of the formula
  • Delete columns D to H
  • Delete Row 1 (the header
  • Save As Text (tab delimited) (*.txt)
  • Copy this file to a location in a Google Drive

In the Stocktape App Plus

You will need to use a google drive to transfer the files

  • Import Lookup &
  • Start Stocktake

Export the file from Stocktake App for Orion and SAM

You will need to export the file from the App and save it to the local PC to C:\Stocktake - it is suggested to call it Import.txt

In the App use "Share Counts"

  • The export can be sent to different places - you can use Google drive 
  • Then save to your PC - it is suggested to create a folder on C drive:
    • C:\Stocktake\

Import the file into Orion

Explore to the Export file created above

Leave "Program to Run Before Import" blank

File formats

Exporting from Orion

Stocktake App Plus requires the data to be in the following format:


Product IDSupplier SKUDescription

Any further information is added to the description with a hyphen

The export from Orion is in this Format:


KeycodeOn HandBarcodeDescriptionBinLast CostRetail

Importing into Orion

Stoctake App Plus will export the file in the following format:


BarcodeDescriptionLocationEntered QTYDateTime

Orion expects the data in the following format:


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