This Knowledge Base article describes how to set up loan/courtesy cars in SAM to make it easier to manage vehicles loaned to customers while their own vehicle is being worked on.


Set up a loan car

Go to Maintenance > Loan Items

Then click on the Insert button 

Add a Keycode - we suggest using the vehicle rego - and Description then click OK

Add any additional loan vehicles as required.

The Loan Item List will look something like this:

Set up the Loan Car Form

You will need to set up a loan car form setting out the conditions of the use of the loan vehicle which should be printed then signed by your customer.

Please go to Maintenance > System Setup > General 

Then click on the Loan Item tab:

The Loan Car Text screen will display:

Then add the relevant text.

We highly recommend that you check with your insurance company/business adviser/lawyer/accountant (or whoever can advise you) for the appropriate wording in this form.  
The screenshots below are examples only

Use the "Set Font Size" buttons to manage the number of lines which can display on the form

Smaller font = more lines

Add the relevant text and click OK on the System Setup screen when done.

Assign a loan car to a customer

Go to Add/Maintain Jobs, open the customer's job and tick Loan Item in the middle of the job header area:

Then Click on the dropdown arrow to display the list of loan vehicles:

The list will show which loan cars are available - cars with a red cross are currently loaned out on another job

Select the loan car which the customer on this job will use

Then click on the printer icon to the right to display the loan car form - it displays the customer, job, their vehicle and the loan car details:

You should print the form, fill in the "pickup" details and get your customer to sign and date the agreement.

And remember to fill in the "return" details when you get the loan car back!

Loan Car report

Please go to Reports > Workshop > Loan Item Usage

Enter the relevant date range 

then click OK to display the report:

This report is useful to track loan car usage and also to track down who was using the vehicle when it got a speeding or parking fine!

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