How to reconcile your debtors ledger to your general ledger in Orion

At the end of each month you should be reconciling your Debtors Ledger to the General Ledger in Orion to ensure there are no balance mis-matches.


 Find the month
 Find the detail
 Balancing over multiple months


Find the month

You will need to compare two reports to each other:

Debtors Ledger

  • Current periods Debtors Aged Trial Balance can be found in the Accounts module
    Reports > Debtors > Debtors Aged Trial Balance

  • Historical Debtors Aged Trial Balance can be found in the Accounts module
    Enquiry > Archived Reports > select the month > Detailed_Debtors_ATB.pdf

General Ledger Balance History

  • This can be viewed by going into the Accounts module
    Enquiry > Debtors Balance History > Click on Totals


Find the detail/individual transaction(s)

If the figures from the above two reports do not match then:

Compare the following reports to each other:

Debtors Audit Trial Report

This can be found in the Account Module

Reports > Debtors > Debtors Audit Trail
Select the period you are out and select detailed.

GL Code Source Transactions

This can be found in the Accounts module

Reports > General Ledger > GL Code Source Transactions
Run this report for your accounts receivable GL code and select the period you are out.

Mark off each individual transaction to the GL Code Source Transactions report.

Once you have completed marking off each transaction, you will be left with transactions which have possibly caused the discrepancy in your system.

You can either reverse the transaction which was causing an issue (e.g. if you had created a manual journal to the debtors control account you will need to reverse this journal) or you can ask the helpdesk for some guidance.

The helpdesk will not be able to give you any accounting advice, you will need to contact your accountant for this service.


Balancing over multiple months

If you haven’t reconciled your debtors for a long period and the balances do not match, it is best practice to create a spreadsheet like below and compare the debtors sub account values to the general ledger values.

There should be an obvious month that the totals have start going out of balance.

Once the month has been identified, you can use the reconciliation process "Find the detail" suggested above.