This article will go through how to send an email to your customers


Export your list

You will first need to export the list from SAM

Follow THIS LINK for instructions on how to do this

Fields required

For this process it is suggested to include:

1. CUS:Keycode
2. CUS:Description &
3. CUS:Email

We include the Keycode and Description so you can see who the customers are and delete from the list if necessary.

Clean the data

It is suggested that you remove the duplicates before sending. Microsoft has created an article on this that is way better than anything I could do: Remove duplicates

When removing the duplicates, select the email column (should be column C)

Copy the data into your email program

Select/highlight all the email addresses(1), right click over the data and choose Copy (2)


Open your email program - the example below is Outlook

Click into the Bcc area (1), right click and Paste (2)

For privacy reasons make sure you paste the email addresses in the
Bcc area.

Add a subject and compose the message you want to send to your customers

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