How to create a user login to access Remote Workshop

Web users are created in the Orion desktop application. But the security level for web is control by a user role in the Remote Workshop application.

Firstly in Orion go to the Accounts module, Maintenance, System Setup, Users

Insert or Edit the new web user:
Password must be 8 characters long, Contain one upper case, one lower case and contain a number
Email Address a unique email address must be loaded
Web Interface Must be ticked
Manager will need to be ticked for at least one user. This allows the user to assign security roles in web

Note: Other user settings e.g. the department(s) and technician link are still controlled by the Orion user settings.

Next Log into Remote Workshop with your company code, email and password

If it is your first time logging in then you will need to verify your email address.

Setting the users role:

In Remote Workshop, click on your Company Name and select Setup

Select User Logins and open the required user

Select the users Role and Save
Note: Click on the  icon to view the role details e.g. what the user has access to.