The technician availability is important to set and maintain to be able to get accurate booking diary information and reporting.

Checking the Technician Available hours

Click on the technician availability icon which is accessed via the dashboard quick link widget or the diary

The screen will display all technicians and there available hours per day for the month.

The screen also totals these hours and the number of technicians available per day

Adding Holidays, Sick leave or Other time off

To adjust the technician time available e.g. a tech is away sick for the day, click on the hours for the day to open the technicians availability

and enter the number of hours they are away. A reason can also be entered if required.

Overtime can be loaded into this screen (green field) to update Orion with the actual hours the technician is available for work (to charge out jobs/hours).

To get accurate data, always leave in the standard hours and enter time into the green or red fields. The "Hours Available" calculation/check cannot be a negative value

Example of a technician away for the 2nd.

Bulk loading of Holidays

The gear icon has an option to bulk load unavailable time, for example to apply statutory holidays in advance or annual leave requests.

Select the Technician(s), dates, type and the daily hours (per day) as required. A note can be loaded.

Confirmation will be required.