First time login to Remote Workshop

You will need to verify the email address the first time you log in.

Go to

Location Services Warning

You may receive a warning saying that the location is blocked.

Remote Workshop requires the browser locational services to be enabled, if it is not then the user can’t log in. This is strictly enforced!

Click on this Link for more information on how to do this in Chrome

Log in Window

Enter the information given to you by your system administrator, then click on Log in

1. The company keycode

2. Your email address

3. Your password

After clicking on Log in:

Your email address will be pre-filled - click on Send link.

You should receive an email from

Click on the link or copy the URL into a browser

Your log in has now been verified on this device.

Log in to desktop Orion & Remote Workshop at the same time
You cannot log in the Web and Desktop versions of Orion at the same time.  
You cannot log in to multiple browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge).
You CAN be logged in more than once on the same browser.

Login Issues - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The device location has been blocked, how can I change the setting?

A: On iPad tablets go to Settings -> General -> Privacy -> Location Services to activate.

A2: On Android devices go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Move the location service slider to on/green.

Q: A warning message came up saying I have not set up as a web interface user when I try to log into Remote Workshop?

A: This warning will display on the Web login screen if the user hasn’t been flagged as a “Web Interface” user. Please go back to your Orion under user setup and tick "web interface" for this user.

Q: I have forgotten my Remote Workshop password? How can I reset it?

A: There is a password reset option on the login page.

It will send a reset password link to your email addresss

Click the link and follow the instructions to reset the password.