Here we are going to learn how to set-up a service reminder for a vehicle


Setting up a Service Reminder

Click on Maintenance (1) > Followup Codes (2), then click on the Insert button (3)

1. Keycode: Unique identifier for each Followup
2. Description:Description of Followup
3. Automatically Add:If followup is due in a certain period Add number & select period
4. Add to Reading:ie: If you're doing a 10000km reading, enter 10000
5. Link ToCan be linked to NZTA data. eg: WOF expiry date
6. Lead TimeYou will get a prompt about the follow up when you create a Job for the vehicle within the specified time frame.
7. Add to Reading: Create the Text that is seen on an Email or Printed Service Reminder.

The Followup can now be added you your Item, either through a job in Work in Progress or directly from the Vehicle Enquiry screen.

Adding from Work In Progress Job:

There are three different places/situations that  followups can be added to a vehicle:

  1. From the Work In Progress (WIP) job
  2. From the Vehicle maintainance screen & 
  3. When invoicing

All of these will bring up the same Maintain Vehicle Followups screen

1. From the WIP Job

If a Vehicle has been added to the job, the Follow-Up button will be at the bottom of the screen. .

Click this button to add a Followup to that item.

2. From Vehicle Maintenance Screen:

3. When invoicing

This is setup in the User settings to happen automatically upon invoicing

Go to Maintenance > Users, open the user and tick "Force Followup Screen after Invoicing".

Maintain Vehicle Followups

You will see the following screen.

There are three ways to have a follow up added:

1.    Click and drag

2.    Start typing in the field

3.    Use the ellipses and choose from a list.

NB: the date is automatic - this will add the number of days, weeks or months entered in the setup
This can be edited

For creating a reminder for future work that is non WOF or Service related, check out This Link

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