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OSEE (Orion Standard Extraction Engine) is a tool to export more detailed transactional data out of Orion to be used by 3rd party tools for benchmarking, Reporting, customer dashboard …etc.
 The export files are Microsoft Excel CSV and when run on a Windows scheduled task (to automate the extract) will include only data that has changed in the last 5 days. Meaning, if a record changes (a new invoice created) it is included in the next 5 uploads. The reason for this model is to allow for outages when the file may not be created or uploaded (to an FTP site). Historical or full exports can be done manually.


OSEE setup

Within Orion navigate to Accounts > Utilities > Export > Orion Standard Extraction Engine (OSEE). 

Setup the main dealer information. For multi-location/department sites the dealer information can be set per department.

The following tabs are used to filter the export data.


Select the Makes of vehicle to include in the export. Select ALL or filter the export data using the 5 available Make filters. *Ignore the Franchises


Select the parts Suppliers or Franchise to include in the export. Only parts linked to these suppliers will be exported. Or select the All Suppliers option.


The OSEE has a built-in option to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) the data. This data transfer option requires an external server with the following security credentials to be set up by your IT staff.
Set the option to “No FTP” if this is not required.

Manual Export

A manual export can be run to provide historical data, or run when you require the data. Enter the date ranges and select the Export button to run.

If no valid FTP details are entered the Manual Export will display some FTP errors and the “No FTP” is not selected. Select Close on these errors to continue the export.

Note: Save any settings before running a manual export or they will not be saved.

The export files will be saved into the ..ORION\EXPORT\OSEE folder. 

This is your Shared folder for hosted Citrix users.