What's New in Remote Workshop Release Date: 4th May, 2022


  • WEB-252 NZTA (Carjam) integration has been added, enabling you to quickly and accurately load vehicle data into your system and provide value add services such as PPSR reports to pre-purchase inspections  << Read the KB article here >>

  • WEB-459 The Action List has been added to the Dashboard to provide you with a snapshot of important action items that may need your attention, such as overdue orders, reminders due to be sent, bookings that have not arrived, and approved estimates  <<read the KB article here>>


  • WEB-261 Estimates (Quotes) can now be created and edited in webOrion. <<Creating Estimates KB Article>>
  • WEB-317 Split Invoicing functionality has been added, primarily to be used for splitting the cost of insurance work and insurance excess charges between the Insurance Company and the Customer (3 splits only). <<Split Invoicing KB article>>
  • WEB-210 Job, Invoice margins by posting type or all postings
  • WEB-98 Suggested Buy functionality has been added, to simplify/automate reordering processes. <<Suggested Buy KB Article>>
  • WEB-234 Able to clear "stuck sessions" in webOrion
  • WEB-262 We have added a tooltip that will display when you hover the mouse over icons on the section authorisation on an Estimate to clarify what each icon represents:
  • WEB-231 Added the Help dropdown menu in the title bar to the webOrion login screen
  • WEB-212 New highlighting of required fields will enable users to easily identify which fields are mandatory when creating a customer, supplier, vehicle orpart. Example when attempting to save a new customer:
  • WEB-188 Input labour as $ charge directly, rather than a duration using the new 'Charge Unrelated to Time' checkbox: 
  • WEB-156 When searching within a list screen and no records match the search criteria, a "There are no records matching your search criteria" message will display. E.g:
  • WEB-128 Added a Labour Analysis detailed report to the Reports > Workshop Reports menu
  • WEB-127 Workshop Sales Analysis Report has been added to the Reports > Workshop Reports menu
  • WEB-126 Workshop Labour Hours Summary Report has been added to the Reports > Workshop Reports menu
  • WEB-338 We have simplified the webOrion login process, after inputting login credentials, you can simply log in by pressing Enter on the keyboard (rather than clicking the Log In button).
  • WEB-288 Added validation check when sending emails to ensure a valid email address is entered
  • WEB-210 Added detailed breakdown to margin screens on job/invoice/estimate. E.g.:
  • WEB-134 Added a Vehicle Service History report to Reports > Workshop Reports
  • WEB-92 When creating a new job, a pop-up notice will now display any follow-ups due for the selected vehicle
  • WEB-359 You can now search the Vehicle list by fleet number
  • WEB-403 Purchase Orders can now be partially received, you do not have to receive the full ordered quantity
  • WEB-239 The Work in Progress Ageing widget on the Dashboard is now dynamic, meaning you can click on one of the columns on this widget to display a list of the relevant aged WIP jobs
  • You can find settings for Contact Templates by going to the dropdown beside your company name in the top-right corner of webOrion, and selecting Setup