As webpage-based software, the minimum requirements for webSAM / Remote Workshop are pretty minimal! If you can run most web-based services like Outlook webmail, Gmail, Facebook etc. then you should be fine. 

However, here are some recommended specifications based on our experience...

Hardware Specifications

Put simply, if your device isn't known for being 'really slow' and your internet is good enough to watch a youtube video without freezing, then you're probably going to be fine.

If your usual web-browsing experience is less than ideal, then this will impact your operation of our systems too.

For optimal performance, we recommend running a well-maintained device, less than 4 years old, with at least 4GB of RAM and a hard drive that is less than 80% full.

Our systems will open and run on a mobile phone, however for the best experience we recommend using a larger screen such as a 10" or larger tablet with a physical keyboard attached, a notebook/laptop or a full desktop PC.


We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome browser. You can download Chrome here:

If you experience issues while running the "Grammarly" browser extension, we recommend disabling that extension when using webSAM.

System Date/Time Settings

We recommend you have your device's Date/Time set to Automatic, to ensure logging of operations undertaken in the system. 

Google has plenty of results explaining how to apply these settings on various devices and operating systems.