So, you've ordered Orion Remote Workshop and you're keen to get cracking ASAP? To get started there's a little bit of initial setup to work through and some other important info to keep in mind to really hit the ground running...

    ⚙️ Firstly you'll want to work through the: Remote Workshop Setup Guide

    ⚙️ Then to enable your staff to use Remote Workshop, you'll need to: Create User Logins

**HOT TIP**: You can save $$ on user and Citrix licensing if you have team members that only need access to clock on/off jobs in Remote Workshop. This is covered in the Create User Logins KB article mentioned above.

  ⚙️ Here are some things any users need to be mindful of during their First Time Login

  ⚙️ And once they're able to log in, a good starting point for new user(s) would be Adding A New Job

We hope you and your team have a great experience with Remote Workshop, if you have any questions, just reach out to our support team using the details below!

To get the best experience out of Remote Workshop, please read our System Requirements / Minimum Specs to ensure the devices you're using are able to provide the optimal experience!

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