Everyday, you have hundreds of tasks you need to follow through on for your customers – quotes for a job, availability for a part, information about a new product… the list goes on.  To keep track of these tasks, just follow 3 simple steps:


STEP 1: Find the customer (see Global Search), then go to the Contacts/Tasks tab. 


STEP 2: Click “Insert” under the Tasks section

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STEP 3:   Add relevant information (make sure you include a DUE DATE) – then click “OK”.


See your “to-do” list 

There is no point adding tasks if you don’t follow up.   To see a list of tasks, go to Sales -> Reports, then select the “Tasks Report”.


The rest should be self-explanatory…

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Now that you know how to create tasks & follow up on tasks, you can use this to ensure all your prospects are closed ? and customers requests are satisfied ?.