Remote Workshop supports the use of 3rd party barcode devices on some screens. Predominately, barcode use is in the stock-related screens to scan in stock or sell stock. Job cards also print a barcode that can be used in the timeclock module to scan a technician onto a job when clocking on.

IMPORTANT: The barcode scanner must be set up to scan the barcode and perform a TAB command as a post operation. Please refer to your barcode scanner's manufacturer website or user guide for instructions on how to set this up with your scanner.

Stock Setup

Each stock item can have a single barcode assigned to it.


Stock Ordering


When ordering stock, scan the barcode into the search field:


Which will open the following Order screen. Confirm the order quantity required and Save, or Save & add another part.


Selling Stock

When adding parts to Jobs, Estimates or Job Templates scan the barcode in the search field

This will open the following screen. Confirm the quantity required and Save, or Save & add another part:


Stock Listing, Stocktake Listing and Suggested Buy

Scan the barcode into the Search field in these screens to display the part required.

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