Reconciling Debtors and Creditors follow the same processes, the only difference is the reports and GL codes you balance to


At the end of each month you should be reconciling your Debtors Ledger to the General Ledger in Orion to ensure there are no balance mis-matches.


The process

  1. Identify the Month(s) out of balance 
  2. Identify the Type of transaction 
  3. Identify the transaction out of balance

Identify the Month(s) out of balance


  • The Aged Trial Balance &
  • General Ledger

It is suggested to use a spreadsheet if you balancing over multiple months 


This is an example - setup in Excel to make your life easier

MonthAged Trial BalanceGeneral LedgerVariance













Aged Trial Balance

This option will only show the last 12 months.

In Accounts go to Enquiry (1) and choose Creditors Balances History (2) and select Totals (3)

Enter the figures into a XL spreadsheet to compare against the GL

General Ledger

In the Accounts module Click on General Ledger (1) > Monthly Totals (2) > Progressive Totals (3) Make sure you have the Correct GL code (4) and note each month's figures in the spreadsheet (5)

Add together GL codes 63000.10010 (Accounts Payable) & 63100.10010 (Accrued Accounts Payable)

Identify the Type of transaction

Start with the first month that doesn't balance

For this we will compare the following reports:

  • Debtors Audit Trail to 
  • GL Code Source Transactions

Debtors Audit Trail

In the Accounts Module (1) go to Reports (2) > Creditors (3) > and select Creditors Audit Trail (4)

1. Select the correct Period

2. Sort by Type, Date, Supplier

GL Code Source Transactions

In accounts go to Reports (2) > General Ledger (3) > GL Code Source Transactions (4)


1. Choose the correct GL code

Add together GL codes 63000.10010 (Accounts Payable) & 63100.10010 (Accrued Accounts Payable)

2. Select the correct month

3. Sort by Type

4. NOT detailed

Identify the transaction

Audit the transactions of the Type that doesn't balance

We are using the same reports as above when Identifying the Type of transaction, but making sure Detailed is selected

  1. Debtors Audit Trail
  2. GL Source Code Transactions

Both the detailed reports can be exported to Excel

Go through both reports and match each transaction - making sure they are in both reports