This article will go through how to process a GL Journal

GL Journals are used to change/move transactions between months or GL codes

GL Journals should only be completed if you are absolutely certain of what you are doing and in consultation with your accountant and/or book keeper.


Where is this located

This process is completed by going to General Ledger (1) > Unposted Batches (2) > GL Journals (Fast or Slow is OK) (3), then make sure you have selected GL Journals (4) on the left:

GL Journals are completed in a two step process:

  1. Add Posting &
  2. Post Batch

1. Add posting

Postings can be added either individually or by importing a file - either CSV or Excel, both of these start by using the "Add Posting" button at the bottom

1a Individual Postings

Click on Insert (1), 

2 - DateThis will default to todays date.
You are able to change this to any date in the current financial year
3 - GL CodeEnter the GL code
4 & 5 - Reference & CommentsEnter any reference's and comments you require
6 - AmountEnter the amount (negative or positive)

The reference and comments entered in the first posting will be copied into the next postings 

When you are ready click on Create Batch (see Create Batch below for more information)

1b Importing transactions

Importing transactions is normally done either for bulk end of year fixes from your accountant or entering opening balances.

Before you start.

Make sure you have the following information in your Excel file starting from row 1

This is the suggested order:

AGL Code


The date is optional - if you have this please enter it in the Setup tab below.
IF not entered todays date will be entered automatically

It is suggested to use "Import XLS" as this gives you the option of selecting the column before importing.


Use the ellipses to explore to the file previously created.


The set-up can be changed if you place the data in different columns to the suggested order above

Enter the column for the Date if needed


When you press OK the transactions will be entered into the Journal Posting Listing

When you are ready click on Create Batch (see Create Batch below for more information)

Create Batch

Click on Create Batch

You are unable to Create the batch if the batch doesn't balance - i.e. 
All postings must add up to zero

Confirm that you want to create a batch from the postings & the postings will show in the unposted batches (see "Where is this located" above

2 Post Batch

1. Click on Post Batch. 

2. Confirm the Period (month) to post to.

3. Choose which financial period you are posting it to

4. Confirm the Batch date (Different from the date of the individual posting

Delete Batch

You are able to delete the batch, to do this contact SAM support by calling +64 9 587 2455, by email: or by clicking on Help > Create Support Ticket