This article will show how to upload (export) parts to the platform with their descriptions

You will first need to set-up the connection to the platform, see this article on how to do this:

[Orion] Addon # 138 Ecommerce Setup

Orion is considered the master - stock information can be sent to Shopify but will NOT be received.

There are two options to upload parts, individually & Bulk:


Single part export

In the Parts module, click on Stock Enquiry and edit the part being uploaded

Once the parts department is linked a new tab called "Ecommerce" (1) will be available in the "Maintain Parts Stock" window

Enter the information as required and press OK

1EcommerceThe tab to show and change the information sent to Shopify
2ActiveIf not ticked this part will NOT be sent to Shopify
3.i.Compare PriceThis is the Original price if having a Sale.
i.e. Originally $700.00 - now $619.96 
3.iiRetail DescriptionThis is the "Title/Product" as shown in Shopify
If nothing entered then the Part Description will be used
3.iiiWeightUsed for Shipping:
Orion has either Kg or Grams which is sent to Shopify
NB: Shopify also has lb and oz available as well
3.ivSizeEntered in Shopify as a Variant
3.vColourEntered in Shopify as a Variant
More variants can be entered in Shopify manually
3.viTagsUsed for searching/grouping so items can be found easier 
3.viiNotesNote to be displayed in Shopify store as Description

The Ecommerce "Products" window:

This window is used to complete many bulk processes

1 Match Products

In order for this to work properly the Inventory SKU in Shopify must match the part number in Orion

This process MATCHES the two systems - it does not send any data to Shopify.

If you wish to send data to Shopify, then open the product, change  any of the information being updated and press OK.

This is the full list which may be being sent to Shopify, but changes depending on the set-up, see Setup - stock configuration for more information.

Retail PriceCompare priceRetail DescriptionWeight

2 Bulk Activate Orion Products

This will mark all parts as Active - see #2 in "Single Part Export" above 


This does NOT export the parts, you will either need to do this individually (above), or in bulk (below)

Double click to Tag individually (1) or Tag All to select them all (2), then exit

3 Bulk Deactivate Orion Products

Deactivate - the opposite of activate....

This does not remove any stock items from Shopify

A list of active stock items will be shown, 

Double click on an item to untick, (1) or use the "Untag all" button (2) to de select them all  

4 Activate / deactivate individual Orion Products


This does NOT export the parts, you will either need to do this individually (above), or in bulk (below)

It also does NOT remove any stock items from Shopify

Didnt we just do this above?... Well yes and no, 

This this list will show all parts - active or not - where you can Tick (activate) and untick ((deactivate) individually  

Double click on the part as required

5 Export Stock

This will bulk update any stock items that have information that has changed.

Can be used in conjunction with #1 above.

Use the filters to upload smaller list's


  • All - or Modified
  • All Analysis Groups or any individual one
  • All Suppliers or any individual one
  • Free type a filter you want

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