How to create a user in Orion

For information on how to set-up users in webWorkshop: 

[webWorkshop] User Logins - Setup

It is HIGHLY recommended that all users have a password, anyone will access to the Orion log-in screen will be able to access Orion without these.


Create the user in Orion

In Accounts, go to Maintenance > System Setup > Users

See your system administrator if you do not have access to this

Click on Insert

This opens the User Maintenance screen below:

1.KeycodeUsed when logging in
2.User NameYour name
3.PasswordMust have 8 characters, contain one lower case, one upper case and a number
Email Address
Mandatory for remote workshop users
IF ticked the default email address will be used when sending emails, i.e. department email address
5.WorkshopTick if you want the user to have workshop functions available in the Web
Leave UN-TICKED for Timeclock users
6.Web InterfaceMandatory for users to be able to log in to webWorkshop

A: You must have at least one user with manager access to set-up the users role on-line

Further details for Technician users

It is suggested that a Default Technician is set up, this will allow filters to be used more easily and allow them to clock in and out of their jobs more easily as well.

In the "User Maintenance", click on the Workshop tab, then select the default technician

Further details for Timeclock users

You can specify which department Timeclock users will be available in by selecting them in the Security button in the Workshop Tab:

To access the Workshop tab the Workshop Module (#5 above) HAS to be ticked

Remember to Untick "Workshop" in modules above (#5) once the workshop has been selected
or it will increase your concurrent user count when logged in

Timeclock User Key Points:
Do not take up any concurrent logged in user licenses
Require a unique REAL email address
#5 above is UNTICKED