eWOF Electronic WOF checksheets and webWorkshop go hand-in-hand, creating an online workshop management ecosystem; an ecosystem that becomes even better if you're also using the Technician Web App!

If you're using Orion webWorkshop, there's a slightly different process to setting up and using eWOF checksheets compared to if you only use Orion directly. So here we'll outline the process specifically for webWorkshop...


Setup & Operation

Activate eWOF in Orion

eWOF is activated from the main Orion program, see here:

[Smartcheck] Quick Setup Guide

Configure the User Setup for your WOF Inspectors in webWorkshop

You will need to have the users set up in Orion, but to assign the correct Role and enable their access to eWOF, follow the instructions here:

[webWorkshop] User Logins - Setup

Starting a SmartCheck eWOF Inspection from webWorkshop

When a technician who has been provided access to eWOF is in the Work in Progress screen, a new icon will display at the bottom of the postings section, clicking this will take them directly into SmartCheck to undertake the inspection. See here: 

[webSAM & webWorkshop] Processing a WOF Checksheet in SmartCheck

Viewing SmartCheck eWOF Results in webWorkshop

See: [webWorkshop] Viewing SmartCheck eWOF Results

IMPORTANT: NZTA Requirements in regards to Electronic WOF Checksheets

You have to keep paper checksheets in case of outages

As mandated by Waka Kotahi, all users of Electronic WOF Checksheets must hold paper checksheets as a back-up in case of system, internet or IT outages. See more here:

Staff Training

You must ensure all your staff using the SmartCheck Electronic WOF checksheets are trained and aware of the full and proper operation of SmartCheck, including but not limited to the entry and completion of a vehicle inspection, recheck inspections, retrieval and supply of records and what to do where the user experiences difficulty accessing SmartCheck. We have created the following KB articles to support this requirement:

Consumer Information / Disclaimers

To meet Waka Kotahi requirements, our eWOF checksheets will display a link to the following web page with relevant disclaimers and consumer information. 

Hardware Device Recommendations

See: SmartCheck - Hardware / Device Recommendations

Smartcheck eWOF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See: SmartCheck (eWOF) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)