You will first need to set-up the User in the main Desktop version of Orion, to find out how - click here:

[Orion] User Set-up

Set-up the user Role

When User accounts are created in the main Orion desktop application, there are default 'Roles' assigned to the user:

  • If Manager is ticked they are assigned the Administrator Role
  • If Manager is NOT ticked - they are assigned the Technician role

If these roles are correct you do not need to proceed with the following steps, outlining how to assign an alternate role in webWorkshop, unless you need to setup access to eWOF electronic WOF checksheets.

Setting Up Roles in webWorkshop

Log in to a manager account here:

If it is your first time logging in then you will need to verify your email address - see this article for more information.

Click on the Company name (1) > Setup (2) > User Logins (3) > User Name (4)

Setup the user, options detailed below:

1 - Technician: If the user is also a technician, assign the appropriate technician profile

2 - I Perform eWOF: If this user is a technican and will complete eWOF inspections, tick this box

3 - Role: Select the appropriate Role

4 - Role Description: Click this icon to display the description/access levels of the selected role

5 - Save: Must be clicked to apply any changes