Customers are put on hold  to prevent a Customer Job from being created, SAM will at least issue a warning to the person creating a Job and/or when posting billable items to the job where the customer is "On Hold".

It is suggested that an internal policy is made where these messages are escalated if necessary

EG : Get permission to over-ride & create job anyway, let accounts know they have an order for an On-Hold Customer, etc 



a) Defaulted on Payment

b) Hasn't paid their account in some time OR 

c) You know they are in financial difficulty.

Setting the customer to "On Hold"

From Customer Maintenance

From any module:

A. Go to Maintenance (1) > Customers (2)

B. Double click on or Highlight the customer (3) and click on Change (4) 

NB: The customer will be highlight RED if they are already on hold

Go to the Account Information tab (1) and choose either Yes or Always (2)

Then click on OK (3)

Differences between Yes, Always, No and Never


NoNo message top right
Customer will be able to placed on hold through On Hold Management
Yes Customer is able to be taken off hold through On Hold Management
Never Customer will not be able to be placed on hold through On-Hold Management
Always Customer will not be able to taken off hold through On-Hold Management

From On Hold Management

It is also possible to put multiple customers on hold or off hold based on different criteria.

From the Accounts module:

A. Go to Misc (1) On Hold Management (2)

Thee are three tabs here:

Currently On Hold (A), To Be Placed On Hold (B) & To be Taken Off Hold (C)

All of the tabs will show a list of Customers that pertain to the Tab headers, and buttons across the bottom, Currently On Hold will not have the "Process" (6) button shown below.

1. MaintenanceHighlight a customer and use this button to open the Customer Maintenance window
2. Tag AllWait for it..... Tags all Customers in the list
NB: Customers are tagged by default
3. Untag allBeing a bit obvious here... it untags all customers in the list
4. Tag/UntagTags or Untags the highlighted customer
NB: Double clicking on the contact will also do this
5. SMSYou are able to send an SMS message to advise the customers of their account status
NB: Only customers with a Mobile number will be in the recipient list
6. ProcessThis will process any chages for the Tab you are in
7. Auto On-Hold Based onChoose between Disabled, 30+, 60+ or 90+
This comes from the System Settings - see below
8. ToleranceAnything UP TO this amount will not be included in the list
This comes from the System Settings - see below

Customer Settings for On Hold Management

In customer Maintenance > Account Information:

Other options are: 30+, 60+ and 90+, where if there is debt in any of these ages the customer will be placed on hold - if allowed

System Settings for On Hold Management

This is beneficial if you have a policy to have all customers placed on hold when they have a certain amount outstanding or based on the age of the debt, or when they have paid the debt off

The system settings can be found in Accounts > Maintenance > System Setup > General > Customer

What happens when customers are placed on hold:

Parts and Workshop:

No workshop Jobs or Parts Invoices will be able to be created, if you do try to create an invoice or Job you will receive the following warning:

NB: Any customers that are on hold will be highlighted in RED in the customer listing
You can use the Change button in the list to edit the Customer to take off hold

NB: If you are unable to change the On-Hold status, this is probably due to your users security settings
See your on-site Orion administrator to have this changed

Sales & Rental

Sales Deals or Rental Contracts will be able to be created after the above warning.

Posting any billable items (i.e. Parts or labour) will result in the following message:



Notes can be shown when a new Job is created.

In the customer maintenance, go to the Notes tab (1), enter the note (2) and tick the box (3)

The notes will show before any of the above warnings so can be used for messages like:

"This Customer is Overdue : Refer to Office Manager Before Continuing" 


"NEVER take this customer of "On Hold" - trespass and evict immediately" 

or my favorite:

"Customer is from SAM computers - extend as much credit as they want and be extra nice :-) - NEVER put on hold"

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