As the first thing you see when you log in to Remote Workshop, the Dashboard gives you a birds-eye-view of current and upcoming activity in your workshop. 


The Action List supplements this with key action items that might require more immediate attention to keep things moving along and running smoothly.




In each action item is a number showing how many outstanding items or tasks need attention; clicking on the number displayed will drill into the relevant screens to explore this action item further.




This will show you any vehicles due for work today that have not yet arrived, this might be a customer that has completely forgotten about their booking, so a quick call might make all the difference in getting that extra work through the door.


Better yet, it might just be that no one has changed the job status from 'awaiting vehicle', so it might be nothing more than a reminder to your team to stay on top of updating job statuses.

 A default booked status will need to be set up. Follow the link for more information:

<<Remote Workshop Set Up>

<<Click here for more on how to use the Diary>>





Displays current estimates that have not yet been converted into jobs, prompting you to chase up the customer to upsell and convert the estimate into a job.


<<Click here to read how to use Estimates>>


Workshop Orders


This shows parts ordered for specific jobs that are outstanding, so the supplier might need a kick in the pants, or the parts might have arrived but not yet 'received' on to the job. 


<<Click here to read how to process orders linked to jobs>>


Vehicle Reminders


This highlights the number of outstanding follow-up reminders to be sent for your customers' vehicles.


This number is based on reminders with a due date between two weeks and one month of today's date that have not been flagged as 'sent'. This number also excludes vehicles that have had a new booking/job created (assuming this job would be for the reminder that is due!).


Clicking on the number displayed here will drill into the reminder list displaying reminders matching this date range. The list might contain some reminders that have been sent, so the number displayed on the dashboard should match the number of outstanding (ticked to be sent) follow-up reminders!


<<Click here to read how to use Follow-Up Reminders>>