Note - this functionality is currently only available to NZ customers.


The NZTA Data Feed makes adding and updating vehicle details easier, faster and more accurate.


With a click of a button, you can pull down information from NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) via our partnership with CarJam and update your vehicle details in webWorkshop.








To find out how to set up the NZTA Data Feed, review the types and pricing of checks available, please see:



Maintain Vehicles


This KB article is based on the assumption you already know how to find/edit/create vehicles. If you need to read up on this process first, please see <<Maintain Vehicles KB >>


Performing an NZTA Data check...


You can use the NZTA data feed to quickly check and populate vehicle details for either existing or new vehicles. 


To keep it simple, in this guide we will run through the process for an existing vehicle, to make use of the features like 'Compare'. It's a very similar process when entering a new vehicle, except for a new vehicle there is no need or use for the compare feature!


Go to Workshop > Vehicle Maintenance then find and edit the desired vehicle.


Provided you have Set up your NZTA Data feed you should see the NZTA Data button shown below, click this to start:


You should now be prompted to select the type of data check you wish to perform:



  1. Here you select the type of NZTA Data lookup you want to perform
  2. This displays a description of the currently selected data request type
  3. Pricing of the selected request type will be displayed in red
  4. Click Proceed to proceed with the selected data lookup


*A valid RMVT number is required in order to perform Full, Ownership and PPSR check types. This should be provided to us during the registration process, as outlined in the KB article.


Once you have clicked proceed, the following loading screen should display while the check is carried out:


And once the lookup is complete you will now see the results.



Optional - Printing the Results


The Print button shown in the bottom right will produce a printable report of all the data returned from the NZTA Data Feed


Quick 'Check and Update'


If this is a New Vehicle you will not see the "Compare" button , instead as soon as the look-up results have been returned, your vehicle will be updated with the details pulled down from the NZTA/CarJam database, so you can click 'Close' on the results window and you will be returned to the vehicle details screen. Just make sure you remember to click Save to save the imported information against the vehicle!


If you simply want to quickly update your current vehicle details, click the Compare button at the bottom left of the results screen, and you will be presented with a list comparing the NZTA look-up results and your current data:



Select the Fields to Update

By default, all fields will be ticked, however, if you do not wish to update any specific fields, just untick the box to the left, then click Update to update your vehicle records accordingly.


Detailed Look-Up Results


You can use the grey buttons on the left-hand side to navigate through the results of the current check. The labels on these buttons are fairly self-explanatory, but the screenshots provided below should give a good indication of the data provided:




Alerts & Warnings 

This will display alerts such as expired registration from the NZTA database (as above)


Registration & License:



Vehicle History

Odometer & plate history:



Vehicle Details

This is the stuff that will save you time keying in accurate vehicle data into Remote Workshop, such as vin, chassis, make/model, body type etc.


Fuel Economy/Emissions 

If available from the NZTA/CarJam databases fuel economy, emissions and vehicle safety ratings will be presented on this screen. Please be aware this data isn't available for all vehicles:



Ownership Details 


Due to privacy reasons, we cannot show specific results here, but this should provide an indication of the data provided:


PPSR / Security Interests


This data is only provided in the PPSR or Full checks, specific data hidden for security reasons:




Showing Prior NZTA Results


There are two methods for checking prior NZTA Data Feed Results. This can be handy if, for example, you forgot to click Save after completing the check, or if you have any need to compare against prior results.


  • You can view the NZTA History via the NZTA Data Feed report
  • You can review prior NZTA data results against a specific vehicle by going to Workshop > Vehicle Enquiry > find select the desired vehicle > click the NZTA button > select the Previous button (bottom left):




Error Messages


If the searched registration not found you will see the following error message and will not be charged